Want to find value in an existing unused electrical outlet at your home or business?

Add your electric outlet to the GoMain Network.

It might come as a surprise, but an existing three prong basic electrical outlet (the type on the outside of many buildings) is all an electric car driver needs to charge their car. The car pulls between $.07 - $.15 (7 to 15 cents) worth of power per hour, depending on local power rates. It's really that inexpensive, and a little charge (4-5 miles of range per hour of charge) can offer huge value to the electric car driver who just needs a bit more range to get to their destination. GoMain is activly seeking to add additional standard 3 prong wall plugs to the GoMain Network, and we offer 50/50 revenue sharing with you when a circutbacker sponsors your electric outlet. You can also choose to self sponsor the outlet and promote your own brand or business. Either way, your outlet won't go live on the network until you are getting value for listing it on GoMain. You set the hours when people can charge (ie. only daylight), how long they charge (ie. max 2 hour charge), and any other requirements you have for your outlet. If at anytime you have an issue with a driver who is not following the rules, we will follow up with the driver (just take a picture of the license plate and email it to [email protected] with a description of the issue). And, if at anytime you'd like to remove your outlet from the GoMain Network, we will do it.

Your satisfaction as an electric outlet provider on GoMain is our priority.

Please send us an email at: [email protected] and we'll get you matched with a Circutbacker asap. Or, if you'd like, you can choose to promote your own brand or business on the station listing.