Q: What is GoMain?

A: GoMain is a startup network dedicated to expanding access to, providing additional information about, and maping the existing network for gas, diesel, and electric fuels. We have launched in Spokane, WA and are focused on building out our index in a shockwave pattern.

Q: How does it work?

A: Great question! For electric fuel, GoMain makes contact with existing electric outlet owners (or identifies public stations) and confirms it's OK for electric vehicle owners to charge there. For gas and diesel stations, GoMain collects additional useful information that can be useful to all drivers, such as availablity of bathrooms and great pet relief areas, and displays that information on the stations info box.

Q: For electric fuel, doesn't it cost the outlet owner to supply the power? How do we make sure it's fair for them?

A: We make sure it's fair for everybody! For an outlet owner who is offering their available outlet on the GoMain Network, GoMain either 1) covers the estimated cost of charging, then offers a Circutbacker the opportunity to promote their brand or business on an outlet's info box, or 2) the outlet owner self sponsors their own outlet on the GoMain Network and promotes their own brand or business. Either way, electric car drivers can charge confidently knowing the outlet provider is getting value out of your charge.

Q: For electric fuel, what about owners who just want to offer their charger as a public service, and are willing to pay the electric cost associated without compensation?

A: Great, and thank you! GoMain will index these locations on our map and display them alongside other stations.

Q: How do we make sure the network is sustainable and will continue to grow?

A: That's where our Circutbackers come in! These are businesses and brands that sponsor stations on the GoMain Network. Contact us today and we'll set you up on the network with a free 3 month trial.